Tenant Representation Services in COVID19 CRE Landscapes


McGuire Development’s recent tenant representation client Lighthouse Technology Services is the latest tech-centric business with 2,400 SF inside the Seneca One Tower on the 28th floor. After multiple site searches and potential locations vetted, Lighthouse Technology Services saw the vision offered inside the groundbreaking reuse of Seneca One, and the promise it brings to Downtown Buffalo.

Even though the majority of commercial real estate industry falls within some level of uncertainty presently, professional office space is going to remain in a constant balance state. Being in-office and having a physical space is still a relevant, realistic goal for small businesses, large enterprises and those in between. “If we are going to have a physical office space, which we strongly believe is still necessary, then we wanted to shift our mindset from office space being a cost center to us, to office space being an asset for us.” Randy Harris, President of Lighthouse Technology Services, shared his collective thoughts for reaching vision with their space, and furthering Lighthouse’s goals and Buffalo’s tech community.

Consulting with Lighthouse Technology Services on design of their space, planning, and physical requirements is a common ask McGuire is seeing more of from current and potential tenants. The new space on the 28th floor will feature: a smaller footprint with intentional, themed environments to keep things fresh, informal meeting space, open desks, defined office space, brainstorming shared collaboration area, quiet rooms, convertible standing desks, hanging benches, and vertical gardens.

Is there a new purpose to office space? Randy mentions “Our new space is more functional and more inspiring than any environment we’ve worked in before.” Utilizing safe physical office space important to keep a business culture and ideation hub going, while simultaneously supporting employees and flexibility.

Many social interactions may have moved to digital, however they don’t replace physical togetherness. Randy mentions, “our new office space is an incredible place for our entire team to enjoy and utilize at any time. And we’ll offer our space to our clients and those we serve as a place that they can get away to, relax in, or do productive work in as well. All while still offering the virtual work and interaction options we offer today.”

At McGuire we pride ourselves on fully integrating our clients into the real estate experience, and offering a premium level of tenant representation services to meet their present and future real estate needs.

As Lighthouse Technology Services settles into Seneca One, our team is supporting them through occupancy safety and cleaning standards, space planning for productivity, and a smooth move transition. #CRE space assessments during evolving occupancy landscapes are important now, more than ever. Our experts provide practical, innovative guidance, while maintaining stakeholder vision.

Read more about Lighthouse Technology Services search for space in the below article by Dan Miner at Buffalo Business First:


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