10 of the World’s Coolest Buildings You Need to See

The Cube Houses - Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1984

10 of the World’s Coolest Buildings You Need to See

From quirky and unconventional, to sleek and modern, buildings can take on a life of their own and become iconic landmarks that shape our cities and communities. As lovers of architecture, we’ve put together a list of 10 of the coolest buildings from around the world that you absolutely have to see.

The Basket Building – Ohio, USA, 1997
Shaped like an enormous picnic basket, this unique building was originally built as the headquarters for the Longaberger Company.

The Piano House – Huainan, China, 2007
Built in 2007, this building features a large glass violin leaning against a piano-shaped structure. The building is used as a showroom for a local piano company and is a popular tourist attraction.

The Vertical Forest – Milan, Italy, 2014
This stunning residential tower features trees and vegetation on each balcony, creating a vertical forest in the heart of Milan.

The Cube Houses – Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1984
Designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom, these cube-shaped houses are tilted at a 45-degree angle and rest on hexagonal pylons. Each house features three floors of living space and has become a popular tourist attraction.

The Elephant Building – Bangkok, Thailand, 1997
This building, also known as the Chang Building, is shaped like an elephant and is a popular landmark in Bangkok.

The Container Park – Las Vegas, USA, 2013
Made entirely of shipping containers, this outdoor shopping center features a variety of unique boutiques, restaurants, and bars.

The Dancing House – Prague, Czech Republic, 1996
Designed by Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunić, this building features a unique, curving design that resembles a dancing couple.

The Montreal Biosphere – Montreal, Canada, 1967
Originally built as the United States Pavilion for Expo 67, this geodesic dome structure now serves as an environmental museum.

The Hang Nga Guesthouse – Da Lat, Vietnam, 1990s
Also known as the Crazy House, this unique guesthouse features twisting, organic shapes and is designed to resemble a treehouse.

The Bullitt Center – Seattle, USA, 2013
This commercial office building is designed to be one of the greenest buildings in the world, featuring a rooftop solar array, rainwater collection system, and composting.

Has this inspired you to think outside the box when it comes to architecture and design? Can you think of any locations we missed? Who knows, maybe one day your own building will make it onto a list like this!

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