Best Practices on Returning to Work

COVID-safe workspaces, back to work initiatives

Our implementations for Tenant Safety with Resuming Occupancy

McGuire Development’s property management team has been working diligently through each learning curve and phased reopening for safety and health protocols to keep our portfolio of properties operating smoothly .

Measures We’ve Taken:

  • Increased intensive cleaning protocols, and documenting after each clean
  • Confirming and communicating all HVAC up to date, sanitation of units and duct work
  • Install higher quality filters into HVAC systems
  • Arrange for uv or ionization systems
  • Provided PPE catalogs and contacts to our tenants in the event they needed an exclusive vendor
  • Shared our safety implementation plan for the building
  • Upon request, bid and installed Plexiglas shields
  • Continuous screening daily at the start of each shift for our maintenance technicians
  • Offering tenants legal team assistance in the case they needed guidance
  • Maintained above and beyond open lines of communication and responsiveness
  • Created and installed front door signs assuring the public if they enter, to please do so safely and not enter if feeling ill or exhibiting potential symptoms of COVID-19
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