Concourse Center | 4039 Genesee St, Buffalo, NY

4039 Genesee St., Buffalo, NY 14225

Positioned near the BUF airport, within a few minutes of the I-90 Thruway, discover a colossal warehousing opportunity spanning almost 500,000 square feet. This strategically situated warehouse opens a gateway to seamless logistics, setting the stage for streamlined operations.

Anchored by 30 to 35-foot ceilings, this warehouse space offers remarkable vertical storage potential, accommodating a multitude of requirements, including racked storage. The property is primed with various loading docks, ensuring efficient loading and unloading processes, while an extra-wide drive-in dock caters to versatile operations.

Inside, a thoughtfully designed breakroom beckons moments of respite, complemented by a dedicated data room for enhanced operations. Unlock additional operational potential with a mezzanine, presenting a versatile platform for extra storage, work activities, equipment access, inventory rack utilization, and streamlined conveyor operations.

Elevate your warehousing standards with this exceptional property, where spatial ingenuity converges with strategic accessibility. Harness the dynamic possibilities this space offers, setting the scene for unparalleled logistics and operational prowess. Experience the pinnacle of warehousing efficiency as you navigate the seamless blend of functionality and convenience. Your next level of warehousing success awaits.

Property Facts & Highlights
4039 Genesee Street, Buffalo, NY, USA

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